1Why are you so affordable yet offering a lot more than just a website?
We are a business and we exist to help our customers' businesses grow and we need to make enough money to keep doing that. So there is no catch.
We keep improving our processes and training our experts to build better websites very fast and we do these for many businesses. We offer additional services while lowering our operating cost by operating as a fully remote team with only one administrative office. Over time, we will become profitable.
2Why should I trust you to deliver a great job?
We have done this for verifiable businesses owned by people with verifiable identities. You can check our testimonials and also see some of our portfolios.
You can follow us on our social media for more convincing proof.
3What kind of websites do you build?
We build beautiful and fully responsive websites. It means, from the small screen of an Android phone to a large desktop computer, the website automatically changes to fit the size of the device.
4What else comes with the responsive website?
In addition to the beautiful and fully responsive websites that we build in under 10 working days, we also give you access to our digital masterclasses and business community. In this community, you will be equipped with knowledge that makes a business work and takes action with the insights shared so that your business can grow
5What are the steps involved in getting my website built by you?
Click the "Order Now" button to choose a website or chat with us if the website you want is not on the list. Proceed to check out and make payment. You will get a welcome email with the link to a page where you will provide the information we need to build your stunning website. Sit back and wait for it!
6How will I provide you with my business information for the website?
After payment, You will get a welcome email with the link to a page where you will provide the information we need to build your stunning website. Sit back and wait for it!
7What if I want to make some changes after you deliver the website?
We build your websites very fast, it is built by professionals and we have a quality check team to ensure top-notch delivery. As a result, you will be able to do only one review and that review is about the contents - to correct any wrong information. If there is nothing to be corrected, your website will be delivered as the pride of QUEEKLY.
8What are the available payment options?
We accept payments from all over the world with debit and credit cards, Paypal, cryptocurrencies etc. There is a payment option that works in every country on Earth.
9Can I make changes to my website after it is delivered to me?
Yes. We build our websites with easy-to-use website builders. It is a website builder that allows you to make changes to your website without writing a single line of code.
10You guys increase websites' visibility on local searches. How?
We create a Google My Business page for your business. That will add your business to Google Map. As a result, when people in your locality search for your product/services, your business will pop up.
11What is a business email?
A business email address is an email address that uses your domain name. If your domain name is yourcompany.com, then info@yourcompany.com, jane@yourcompany.com, sales@yourcompany.com are examples of your business email.
12How secure are the websites you build?
We make sure your security header score is 'A'. Don't worry about what security headers are if the term is alien to you. What this implies is that they protect your website against attacks. We have installed a tool that automatically detects and blocks spam and bot. Your website is automatically backed up. If anything goes wrong (although we have put things in place to mitigate this), we will be able to restore your most recent backup in one click.
13Tell me about your digital training?
In our digital masterclass, you will learn the core digital skills necessary for today's businesses. You will understand branding and how it affects your business, sales, marketing, creating successful ads, copywriting, storytelling etc. This is a 100% online class.
14How can I contact your Customer Service and Support Team?
We have provided multiple channels on our website for you to reach us. You can chat with us on our website or send us an email at hello@queekly.co. We respond in a few hours
15I want to start making money from my website. How?
All you have to do is to join our business community and attend our digital masterclasses. From then on, you will understand better how to start making money from your website. You will be glad you did.